Vivid in Velvet

As I sit here, sipping on a mug of luxuriously rich hot chocolate on this cold winter's eve, I'm thinking of velvet…

Velvet, like its Spring counterpart-silk, epitomizes luxe wear in a unique way. Its versatility shines through when transitioning between daytime and night, between casual and glamorous, and between playful and mysterious. This winter will be somewhat different for me: Ramadhaan makes it's special appearance this year in May/June, which means that I get to play with my style in more than a few delightfully wintry ensembles.

Keeping this in mind, I've put together a few looks of some beautiful pieces featuring this sumptuous fabric. The velvet pleated skirt, made popular by Italian designer, Valentino, is one of my lust-have pieces this winter. Tunics are also great investment pieces when creating a capsule wardrobe. But my all-time favourite has to be the abaya, which to me signifies not just an adherence to faith, but also a statement of elegance, beauty, and awed splendor…

Who says abayas have to be black? A beautiful velvet robe abaya in one of the season's hottest colours
Omani designer, Amal Al Raisi, is one of my favourites, and this black velvet abaya cements her status as my top Middle Eastern designer
This Zara velvet dress is an utterly indulgent treat to the visual and kinesthetic senses. Tulip-style, crossover, and a lightness makes this little number a closet essential.

I'm hooked on velvet, and this season has made a devout and ardent wearer. Velvet all the way to Spring!